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March 30, 2020
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Review: Sennheiser RS120 Wireless Headphones

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The Sennheiser RS120 Wireless Headphones are just one of many wireless headphone systems that have come to prominence in recent times. Wireless headphones allow users greater flexibility when listening to audio around the home. Sennheiser claim that the RS120 headphones will work at distances of over 300 feet, and are unaffected by barriers like walls or ceilings allowing the user to go move about the house while still receiving an excellent quality audio signal. With a wall mountable recharge base, the Sennheiser RS120 claims to offer the perfect mix of quality and flexibility, but does it all sound too good to be true?Key Specs for Sennheiser RS120 Wireless HeadphonesRRP: $99.95Year Of Release: 2010Battery Powered? Yes 2 AAWireless? YesNoise Canceling? YesWeight: 2.6 lbsSennheiser RS120 Wireless Headphones: The ProsRechargeable: Many wireless headphone sets fall down not on the quality of the audio transmission, but on the ease of use. The Sennheiser RS120 Headphones come with a wall mountable recharge base, and it really is a big selling point. To start charging, you simply place the headphones onto the headphone base (it doesnt have to be wall mounted) and wait to make sure the recharge light comes on. Its that simple. As you would expect, rechargeable batteries do not give the same kind of battery life that standard batteries would, but unless you wear the Sennheiser RS120s from morning to night you need not worry about your battery running out. Fully charging the headphones is a lengthy process, but by replacing the headphones on the base unit after every use you will never need to worry about your battery dying on you.Wireless Distance: Sennheiser claim that the RS120 headphones will work at distances of 300 feet. While this may be true, you will not notice a deterioration in the sound quality at those large distances. However, this will very rarely be an issue for most people. The Sennheiser RS120s are mainly designed for use around the home, and it is very rare that anyone will need a wireless capability of up to 300 feet while at home! The real strength of the RS120s is when being used for distances up to 50 feet. At these substantial distances, the audio quality is still excellent, and that includes being on a different floor of the house, or being several rooms apart from the source. This is most useful for users that need the freedom to go about their business and dont wish to have their music or TV blaring throughout the house.Sound Quality: The most important thing when purchasing any headphone set is undoubtedly the sound quality. The Sennheiser RS120s provide a clear, crisp audio quality that is frequently missing from other wireless headphone sets. Many headphone sets fail to capture the distinct sounds of bass and voice, but this is not a problem with the RS120s. As you would expect, the quality of transmission will suffer when you get 50+ feet from the transmitter. This loss of quality is to be expected, and is very much gradual and not sudden. When being used for distances under 50 feet, users will not be able to tell the difference between a 5 foot distance and a 45 foot distance. There is nothing more disappointing than a set of wireless headphones that dont work once you leave the room. The Sennheiser RS120s do work, and do so without compromising on quality.Sennheiser RS120 Wireless Headphones: The ConsControl Buttons: The Sennheiser RS120s have control buttons on the headphones themselves to allow the user to adjust both the volume level and the tuner. This is a great idea, as it means you dont have to keep returning to the source to retune or to change volume. The failure is not in the idea, but in the application. Both the volume and the tuning controls are directly beside each other. It takes some getting used to before you will be able to adjust the headset volume without having to worry about adjusting the tuner. A simple yet effective solution would have been to place the volume control on one side and the tuning control on the opposite side. Design: The RS120s are comfortable to wear for most people. Unfortunately, they do not feature any adjustable sizes. While this will not be a problem for the vast majority of people, some users have noted that after time the RS120s become loose and ill-fitting. Again, this is something that could, and indeed should, have been addressed. Are the Sennheiser RS120 Wireless Headphones Worth Buying?Anyone out there looking to pick themselves up a high quality set of wireless headphones should certainly consider the Sennheiser RS120 Wireless Headphones. These are not an expensive set of headphones that do not try and to do much. Instead, they try and stand out on the practical features of wireless headphones. An adjustable size mechanism would be greatly appreciated, and the volume and tuner control buttons would be simpler to use if they were on opposite sides of the set. These are little annoyances though, and not good enough reasons not to buy the Sennheiser RS120s. For competitive prices and high quality performance, the RS120s are right up there.


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