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May 11, 2020
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Satellite TV Or Cable TV a Quick Comparison

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Satellite television is throwing cable out in the competition. Satellite TV holds a great advantage over the cable TV companies. Not only is the picture and sound quality superior, but there's more choice of channels while saving a reasonable amount of money.

Your options are also larger with satellite TV vs. cable - most of the larger companies offer their services just about anywhere you can visualize, whether you live high in the mountains, remotely located from the world where no cable reaches, or in a crowded city. Being national companies rather than small, locally owned cable services also means you will benefit from quality service at lower prices. It also ensures you are getting the benefit of state-of-the-art technology.

Many people have a mindset that Satellite TV systems, are very expensive or difficult to install. Not so! In fact, most of today's top satellite TV companies will come to your home and do the installation at no extra charge once you have a contract. They will install it to maximum in four rooms. Satellite television offers the biggest variety of shows, movies, sports, and news for the least amount of money. You can watch all your shows in digital video and sound with the option of watching them in HD format and recording them on a DVR (digital video recording) receiver.

The quality provided by Cable TV is very degraded as compare to Satellite TV. Cable TV provided the limited bandwidth, it's no wonder the quality is poor. First, the cable wire comes from a hub transmission system somewhere near your home. At source, the signal is passable, but by the time it runs through your community, splitting to each house, the signal has degraded. As the cable is RF (radio frequency) based, it has converted from an audio/video signal (at source) to RF and then needs to re-convert back into audio/video for your television. Along the way, anything broadcasting through the air has tried to get into the cable line and will appear as noise on your TV screen.

Satellite television can support over 250 channels of programming. All channels are digital quality and offer HD (high definition) television services that are compatible to your satellite TV service. Thus, Satellite is the only service that offers a true digital signal on each and every channel. Cable can not offer true digital quality channels. So, you choose which you want.


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