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June 25, 2020
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90 Gallon Aquarium - Is Custom Made Better?

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90 gallon aquariums make a great addition in any home as long as there is space for them to be installed. If you are thinking about getting such a large aquarium for your home, rather than going for the more traditional styles of 90 gallon aquariums, why not consider getting a custom made one, if you have the funds available.

Reasons To Consider Getting A Custom Made 90 Gallon Aquarium

The first reason why you may decide to get a custom made 90 gallon aquarium rather than going for the traditional models, is that the space where it is to be located is of an irregular shape or size. Also it is worth considering actually getting the aquarium mounted into a wall if you are able to, rather than to have it free standing.

A custom made 90 gallon aquarium offers you the opportunity to go for designs that are completely unique, if it is made from acrylic. Acrylic is very malleable and so can allow you to decide on a design that is rather wacky and fun, but don't forget you need it to fit in with the rest of the room's decor where the aquarium is going to be.

Buying A Custom Made 90 Gallon Aquarium - Things To Consider

Although a custom made 90 gallon aquarium costs more than a standard model does, you need to remember this is going to be a one of and completely unique design. Yet in fact the cost of buying such an aquarium over a standard model, is not that different.

Before you do go out and buy yourself a 90 gallon aquarium, whether standard or custom, make sure to spend some time doing a little research into the various different types available. Searching online you can quickly compare the prices and read some product reviews for the various different kinds.

One of the big advantages to be had when you buy a custom made 90 gallon aquarium, is that you can get additional items included into its design. Things like wires can be fitted and holes drilled in the exact positions where the inlets and outlets for closed loops and tubes, will then be able to run through.

It is also during the design stage for your custom made 90 gallon aquarium, that you can decide whether you want the standard long tank, or something that is taller and deeper. The taller styles of this aquarium require a lot less bracing, but are still able to let plenty of natural light into them.

When having your custom made 90 gallon aquarium designed, you need to choose the material from which it is going to be made. Either you can go for one that is made from glass, or one that is made from acrylic. The biggest plus for the acrylic ones, is that as previously mentioned, you can go for some very unusual shapes, plus they weigh less than the glass ones. However the cheapest custom made 90 gallon aquariums to purchase, are those made from glass.


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