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August 29, 2020
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Finding an LED company that has LED tube lights and High Bay lighting

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In today's world, everyone is trying to be more energy conscience. People are trying to follow the motto, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle". In an effort to reduce energy consumption, many people are opting for LED tube lights instead of conventional tube lights for commercial lighting. Using LED lighting is a much more environmentally friendly choice.

While the bulbs are a little more expensive to purchase, you have to replace them a lot less often. This reduces the amount of bulbs to purchase as well as the amount you have to pay someone to change them. LED tube lights last an average of ten years or more. That equates to around 100,000 hours of continuous use.

In addition to tube lights, there are also LED high bay lighting options. These work great in warehouse settings as well as in large stores. They can also be used in stadiums and sports arenas, productions facilities, and manufacturing facilities. Using LED lighting will reduce light energy consumption by 75%.

There are a few good LED companies out there. Doing your research before you decide on one is best. Choose one that has a good reputation and that is very knowledgeable about LED lighting. Finding one that has done case studies and their own research is the best way to go.

Most LED companies will come out to your site and talk to you first. They will do an evaluation of your facility and decide what needs to be done to convert your lighting to LED. Then you will receive a quote on the work and an installation date. They will do the rest. They will reuse as much wiring and such as possible to reduce waste.

Another option to help reduce your operating costs is to install motion sensor light switches. This allows the lights to remain off when the room or area is not in use. It senses when someone enters the room and immediately turns the lights on. With LED tube lights there is no warm up time and no flicker. The lights instantly come on.

A lot of conventional bulbs have mercury in them. Mercury is toxic and if not disposed of properly it can leak. This causes contamination to the soil and water supply. There is no easy way to clean it. A reputable LED company will properly dispose of your mercury laden bulbs for you after removing them from your facility.

Switching to LED high bay lighting or tub lighting will not only save you money. It also reduces waste, consumes less energy, and reduces carbon emissions. It is an eco-friendly way to light your facility and it is financially responsible, too.


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