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September 22, 2020
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Furnishing A Teenagers Bedroom. What Should You Think About?

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A teenager is that special type of person in the house, a member of the household with developing and constantly changing wants and needs. Creating a great bedroom for a teenager is a challenge for the person choosing the bedroom theme and style and the bedroom furniture.

Why is a teenager a little different? Why isn't the decoration of a teenagers bedroom the same as decorating yours for example? Because of the teenagers many needs for their bedroom.

You, for example, have many places in the house where you can place important items. You have decorated the loungeroom, maybe you have your own office, and perhaps a garage to use for your own things too. But for many teenagers their bedroom is the only place they can call their own as the place for all their stuff.

A teenager nowadays, for example, will often have their own computer, whether for work or play or both. And of course a computer, and all the paraphernalia that goes with it like printers and scanners, needs space. Quite a lot of space. So if the teenager needs or wants to put their computer in their bedroom you may well want to think of a computer armoire to make sure that he or she can keep the computer and paraphernalia out of sight to save the bedroom looking like an office. A computer armoire can be an essential piece of bedroom furniture for a teenager.

How about a sound system? They probably have their iPod already, but many still have a dedicated sound system, and you need to select some good bedroom furniture that allows for a good sound system, and cd's for example.

Then there's a place to study, with or without the computer available. Maybe that's the computer armoire, maybe a separate desk. And room for books. Then there's all the "stuff" that a teenager seems to have. A choice of bedroom furniture for a teenager often needs to be made with lots of storage space in mind.

And if teenagers have friends over where do they spend much of their time? In their bedroom, in private. What bedroom furniture do they need for the friends? Ask them, it all depends.

And of course as any teenager will tell you, if you're decorating their bedroom the decor should be nothing like yours, nothing at all. They have their own ideas on how their bedroom should look.

So if you're building a new house and are setting up your bedrooms and thinking of bedroom decorating, or perhaps at the stage of buying bedroom furniture for a refurbishment, then you need to do some thinking about how you're going to decorate your teenagers bedroom.

Because the bedroom wants and needs for any teenager are very different from yours, and necessitate very different bedroom furniture.


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