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September 23, 2020
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Giving A Glass Shelf A Customized Appearance

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Glass shelving can be much more than just a plain piece of glass. To add to the elegance of a glass shelf, you can add a variety of options not just to the material itself, but also to the surrounding area. Give it color, a little extra sparkle, or make it the center of attention in a room. There is a variety of options when it comes to adding glass to your home or workplace.

Reflective Mirrors

Mount mirrors behind a glass shelf to emphasize the effects of the material on the space. The mirror reflects the light and its surroundings to make the room look bigger and makes the shelf more dominant in the space. This works particularly well in an inset shelf because it makes the shelf appear deeper than it actually is. Adding a bold frame around the inset storage area is one of the newer trends in decorating. This makes the shelf appear almost like a picture.


Lights work well with the translucent qualities of glass shelves. This doesn't just have to be white light either. Colored bulbs add a glow to the glass shelf, completely transforming the look of the space. To add this touch to a shelf, install pot lights above or below the glass. You can also direct track lighting to highlight your functional art as well.

Turn Glass Into Art

Pictures added to a lower shelf bring interest to the material itself. If you set the images between to sheets of glass the same size, it looks great and you can change them at any time. Etching adds an elegant touch to glass shelves. Have a border etched around the outside of the glass to highlight the items on top of it. A glass shelf with a picture etched onto it can really add a delicate touch to a space and soften the look of the material.

Mixing Materials

Because glass has the unique quality of enhancing the material around it, use this to your advantage to decorate your space. Add wood or marble framing to the glass for a rich appearance. Shape metal in a variety of different ways and have numerous finishes to keep with the modern style of an office or home.

Glass Options

Glass shelves don't have to be a standard rectangular cut. Today, glass shelves can be cut at almost any angle or shape to create the perfect look to complement the decor of a space. Instead of a rectangle shelf on the wall, consider an oval-like shape with a straight edge to place against the wall. The edges of the glass can have a wide bevel to add sharp, geometrical lines to suit modern, futuristic, or formal spaces.

Colored Glass

Colored glass opens the doors of decor accents wide open. Lightly tinted glass is ideal for a subtle touch of color in a room. It also matches monotone color schemes perfectly. Darker colors are also popular to give you the dramatic effects of stained glass. Add lights to bring the colors of the glass out into the room.

Homes and businesses can greatly benefit from the effects of glass shelves. The glass has the ability to fit in with virtually any material or decor style. Its translucent qualities can further enhance the colors and textures of its surroundings. With all of the different options and additions that can be added to a glass shelf, it can fit perfectly into any space.


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