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October 16, 2020
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Greenhouse Design and Construction

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When you build a greenhouse for your hobby garden, there are several things that need to be considered before construction.

Primarily, greenhouse construction is a skill in it's own right. Hiring a construction company that claims to have built a few greenhouse structures could be trouble. Greenhouses are unique and costs can be high so you will want them to be constructed by a true professional greenhouse builder. Working with a general contractor on a greenhouse could be the most basic cause of problems with greenhouse construction. There are special tools, and greenhouse pieces that are completely unique to the greenhouse builder. Working with glass or polycarbonate is also craft honed by only greenhouse builders familiar with the greenhouse construction process.

Next, the construction of a greenhouse is woven into the knowledge of the manufacturing arm of the greenhouse. It is something the qualified greenhouse builder has grown to study and know well. Basic design and uses of the greenhouse are common knowledge with the qualified greenhouse construction team. The materials used in different parts of the country are also important to the builder and whether the structure needs vents, doors, full sun, how much drainage, misting systems and how certain equipment can be used in the greenhouse. There is no room for mistakes or error in the design, manufacturing and building of a greenhouse.

Next, construction of a greenhouse needs a qualified team of experts that works well with architects, manufacturers, construction crews and weather conditions as well. The construction of a greenhouse will move very smoothly if the parts have all been ordered, delivered and ready for construction. Problems arise with builders that may have ordered a part from an unknown source, or overseas, and when the construction begins, the parts are missing. This can delay the building and put a halt to the process costing the owner a lot in costs.

Fourth, the greenhouse builder knows more than the average general contractor in drawing out a plan, knowledge of details, how the air will flow and in what type of climate needed to put in humidifiers or misting systems or what issues could arise. Qualified greenhouse craftsmen work hand in hand with landscape architects and engineers first, before you even get to the planning process.

So, these are just a few of the situations to consider with greenhouse construction and your greenhouse builder should be able to sit down with you and explain more in detail some of the important issues in building for your gardening pleasure.


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