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November 16, 2020
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Hall Chests - A Great Source For Storage Help

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You've probably been in a house at one point in your life that looked more like a warehouse inventory room, than a home. Things were stacked up all over the place. Winter clothes, rain gear, the games for the kids, all piled up here and there, maybe on a shelf or two. While we know all these items are necessary to have in a home; that does not mean they have to be a blight on the home when they are not in use. They also don't have to be shoveled into the garage with all the other things that are waiting to be used; there are better storage options.

Hall chests were created for these kinds of people. These are beautiful chests that may look like an heirloom piece of furniture that has been handed down for generations, but will also be a great way to tuck away all sorts of extra things. You can use hall chests in many places.

The highest trafficked area of your home is likely your entryway. It sees everyone come in and out of the house. If there is inclement weather, it also likely sees you with a handful of weather clothing items that need a place to be stored when they are not in use. Having hall chests will give you a space to put rain gear, winter gear and any other similar items that are easily accessible as you are preparing to go outside, but also hidden away when not needed, avoiding that pile of stuff by the door. Hall chests can also double as a bench to sit on while you put those weather items on or take them off.

If you have a lot of kids you likely have a den or playroom where they can spend their time. A hall chest just outside the den will give them a place to put all their games and toys that they can play with in the den. Having these items nearby will lessen the chance you will find a trail of toys from their room to the den as they pull them out to play. Instead, the toys will already be where they are playing. It will also give them less of an excuse when it comes time to clean up.

If you entertain regularly, you know the drill. You look around the house gathering extra pillows, blankets and sheets for your guests when they are in town. But what if those items were already in once place? With hall chests near or in the spare rooms you'll have a great place to keep all the things your visitors will need, so they can help themselves.

Hall chests are also great items for your child who is about to move out to go to college. They can be both a piece of seating furniture, and a place where things are stored and moved. In this case, hall chests are like pieces of furniture that double as a large suitcase. They are especially handy when that college student gets their first apartment and has to move once again. It's already packed and ready to go.


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